From Customers

From Employees

All Star Trucking is by far the finest over the road trucking company out there! From dispatch to delivery, we never worry if All Star Trucking is carrying our freight. “

–EH, Franco Corporation


“All Star Trucking has done an outstanding job for Tru-Cut over the years. Pam and Hardy are always available to speak with when we call and they get back to us immediately on availability. It is nice to have a trucking company that is so easy to work with and count on day after day. Our material is always delivered in a timely manner and their drivers are very reliable. We appreciate the business relationship we have developed over the years.”

–BE, TruCut, Inc.


“It has truly been a pleasure partnering with All Star Trucking, Inc. this past year. Our business would not be possible without reliable and dependable carriers who operate with the integrity you have shown. The professionalism that All Star Trucking and their drivers have demonstrated is truly the backbone of the transportation industry.”

–RPM Transport, Inc.

“My years at All Star have been a wonderful experience. Everyone is like family to me. We all help each other out and are deeply concerned with everyone’s well-being. Our company is small, but the feelings we have for our customers and co-workers are very large. We are grateful for our customers and all of our outstanding drivers.”

–Pam G


“November 2015 marks my 15th year at All Star. I left my old company of 12 years because I met and talked with the owner. I was convinced he was truly working to build a company that offered on time delivery, decent equipment, and quality home time for the drivers. I was impressed that he did care for more than the bottom line. I’ve made enough to pay off my house and vehicles and I did it without skipping from company to company. Driver satisfaction is a big problem in this industry but All Star bends over backwards addressing this issue; so thank you for being such a great company to work for over the years.”

–Bob H